When I created The 13 Codes, my goal was to give men a guide to grow in integrity and wholeness. I was inspired to develop The 13 Codes after seeing too many broken families (including my family of origin and my own first family) leave children feeling abandoned, and after spending years on the battlefield as a Green Beret, where I saw the strongest of men in war crack under the tiniest pressure in their personal lives. 

I am convinced that we as men can rise to a higher standard than what most of us feel is possible. 

And today, I want to dispel a myth that I believe permeates our culture. 

That's the myth that money buys happiness. 

I get it. Money can make your life feel easier. When you have money, if one spouse is frustrated in the marriage, he can go for a nice round of golf at the local country club; or she can head to the spa for a day of pampering. When you have money, you can send your kids to a fancy summer camp to get some alone time. Or you can quit bickering with your wife over what kind of car to drive - just buy her what she wants and you get what you want! No need to compromise. 

Too many men think that making more money will solve their problems. 

But money never equals happiness. 

Money is neutral. It can be a force for amazing good in the world, or it can be a tool of massive destruction. What you do with it is up to you. But thinking that money will save your marriage, or revive your sense of self-worth, is false. 

I'm speaking from experience. I've made as much as $27,0000 a month, but during that time period, I was in total marriage combat! I was pulling my hair out wondering why all the money I was making couldn't fix our problems! 

I had it all wrong. No amount of money can fix a broken relationship.

What DID fix my marriage problems was PATIENCE and PERSEVERANCE. It was me making a decision that I was committed to my marriage no matter how uncomfortable it felt, and me resolving to love my wife even when I felt unheard and alone. 

And guess what? Over time, by seeing my unwavering commitment, my wife's heart softened. Once she knew that I was fully committed to her, and to US, she knew that she was safe and could be vulnerable. 

Our relationship is unparalleled by anything I've ever experienced. Yet for 5 years, both of us felt alone and misunderstood! All the money we were making didn't fix a thing. If anything, it exacerbated our problems. Our commitment to each other was what pulled us through - and that's priceless. 

Whether you've been trying to escape your problems by buying more stuff, or whether you feel defeated because you "can't afford" to splurge, you need to know that your worth has nothing to do with your bottom line. 

At The 13 Codes LIVE, I coach men just like you on how to live with complete integrity, honor, and joy -- no matter the state of your bank account. Over the next few days, I'll be bringing you more details about this special opportunity to work with me in an intimate live group setting. 

In the meantime, please continue to integrate The 13 Codes into your life, and let me know about the positive changes you're experiencing. 

To Your Success, 

Bill McDonald

P.S. I'm serious - I want to know how The 13 Codes are positively affecting your life! Just hit reply to this email and tell me how they're helping you. I read every message.