Do you sometimes wonder how in the world you ended up with your partner? Men and women definitely have different ways of dealing with issues and problems, and that can really start to wear on a couple. 

In my own relationship, I came into it thinking I had all the answers. As a Green Beret, I was used to giving orders, not taking them. 

But I married a strong woman, and I found myself far outside my comfort zone. All the tricks and tactics I used to lead my team in the military were NOT working in my romantic relationship.  

Until I developed the FIP (Female Intelligence Packet). In the Special Forces, when we had a target to acquire, we'd be given a TIP (Target Intelligence Packet), so that we had access to all the information available about the target we were seeking to acquire. After years of battling with my bride, I realized that one of the biggest problems was that I didn't fully know her.  

I set out to learn all about my wife: her likes, dislikes, dreams, desires, talents, skills, fears, and pleasures. And I used all of that information to our advantage. Because when you're in a romantic partnership, it's no longer just about you. Every advantage YOU gain should be an advantage that your WIFE gains, too. You're on the same team, after all. 

Over my years of coaching men to excellence, I see even the greatest, strongest men getting tripped up in their relationships. And if anything can take a man down, it's love!  

So, I'm giving you my TOP strategies for using the FIP to revive your romantic relationship in a special Webinar presentation this April 12, at 8:30 pm EST, 5:30 pm PST. You can register right here to join me live and get all your questions answered in real time

When your relationship is running smoothly, you are going to feel more supported in every area of your life. This topic deserves your attention! I'm looking forward to meeting you live and engaging in this crucial conversation next Wednesday! 

Living and leading by example, 

Bill McDonald