It’s a long weekend in the States as we celebrate Memorial Day on Monday. As someone who spent nearly two decades in the military as a Green Beret, this holiday is full of meaning for me. On Monday, I’m giving thanks that I made it out alive and mourning friends who were willing to sacrifice everything to keep my country free. 

But maybe you’ve never served in the military and you don’t have a lot of connections with those who have? I mean, we’re a bit of a different breed, and it’s hard for some civilians to really identify with servicemen and women. 

I get that for you, this weekend may be mostly exciting because you get an extra day off, which means some additional time with your woman to relax and unwind. And while I do want to encourage you to pause for a moment on Monday and give thanks for the people who gave their lives to make yours better, I ALSO want you to take advantage of the time you’ve got to make your relationship stronger over this long weekend. 

So what can you do to stoke your lady’s desire? To make her so lit up that she won’t be able to keep her hands off you? To get her to the place where she’s begging you to send the kids to a sitter so you’ve got the house all to yourselves? 

Guys, you’ve gotta have a BIG PURPOSE! I don’t mean it in a cheesy, motivational-poster kind of way, either (we’re not channeling Michael Scott from The Office, after all). Nope, I mean you need something BIGGER than yourself that you believe in, a dream that you chase, a desire that you know is your destiny to fulfill. 

Women aren’t attracted to bored guys. Bored guys are boring guys. But show a lady a guy on fire for a purpose larger than himself -- a man on a mission -- and she’ll practically be begging to be his queen. 

See, our women want to feel protected and safe around us. If you’re complaining and whining about the “bad hand” life has dealt you, she’s instantly turned off. If, on the other hand, you’re developing a plan to make a better life for yourself -- to make more money, to get in better shape, to increase your knowledge and understanding -- she sees that as you wanting to make a better life for her, too. That’s a HUGE turn-on. 

This weekend, try holding off on the complaints and the negativity. Instead start pointing out all your big goals and the aspirations you have to improve your life. Talk about them with excitement and passion. Your lady will take note that you’re going somewhere good, and she’ll be thrilled to be a part of the journey with you!

It’s okay if you’re not sure where to start, too. I’ve got a program in the works that’s going to help you be the man your woman can’t keep her hands off of! So make sure to open the emails I’ll be sending you over the next couple of weeks. 

In the meantime, ENJOY this freedom you’ve been given and make the most of every second! 

Living and leading by example, 

Bill McDonald

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