We’ve all heard and read a lot about investments. They come in all shapes and sizes, from something as simple as a savings account, to complicated investment vehicles that may involve derivatives or other fancy-sounding things. We hear constantly about interest rates. Stocks, bonds, land, houses, savings accounts, retirement accounts—it can all be very confusing!
So let me simplify your investment plan for you right now. 
The absolute, hands-down, number-one, biggest, best investment you can make is in YOURSELF! 
I learned this 17 years ago, when a mentor of mine shelled out $2k (money I didn’t have) to send me to a personal development workshop for a weekend. In just a few days, I learned more about how to move my life forward than I had in a few YEARS without that level of support! 
No joke, attending that workshop got me HOOKED on PD (what the cool kids call “personal development”) and helped me negotiate the highest salary anyone at my level working at Merrill Lynch had ever pulled in! 
Since then, I’ve continued to invest in myself - even when, especially when, it felt like I didn’t have the money to do so. 

And now, I’ve developed a program, The 13 Codes Academy, to help YOU in your JOB, in your MARRIAGE, and in your LIFE! I want you to be the MAN that you were born to be! To quit settling for a mediocre, boring existence. To make your relationship hotter than it’s ever been before. To find work that fills your soul PLUS gives you a massive paycheck (or better yet, to build your OWN business). 

And my program is an investment. You will have to spend money on it, and you will have to spend time on it. 
You may say, “I can’t afford to do it right now.” 
That’s BS, and I’m calling you out on it. Because you can’t afford NOT to do it! 
What else are you doing to make yourself better? What else are you doing to make your life better? What else are you investing in your job to make it more fulfilling?
In just a few days, the doors to The 13 Codes Academy are opening. Will you be joining us? Or sitting sadly on the sidelines? 
To Your Success, 
Bill McDonald

P.S. My program IS an investment. But since this is the BETA round, you’re going to get in at a ridiculously low price! So make sure you watch your inbox for my next few emails to snag your spot!