Work takes up the majority of your waking hours, so you’d better be doing something you love. Or at a MINIMUM something that pays you well enough so you can enjoy your free time. 
But I hear from a lot of men who are unhappy with their jobs. This sucks. If you’re one of those men, it’s time to change that situation. 
So let’s get right to the point. The way I see it, there are TWO ways to get a better job. 

  1. Find a different job.
  2. Improve your present job.

Now whichever path you choose, you should begin with self-examination. Here are a few questions you’ll need to consider:

  • What interests you?
  • What do you really enjoy doing?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What are you good at?
  • What are you truly talented at?

Answer those questions with integrity. Be honest with yourself. Don’t answer with what you feel like you *should* say - answer with 100% truth. 

Next, take responsibility for your actions and decisions. You, and you alone, bear the responsibility for the decisions that you’ve made, and for the decisions you will make. Own them! 
Whether you decide to make the most of your current job, or whether you choose to look for a new one, commit yourself to acting with distinction and integrity.Here’s what that looks like in real life: 
If you’ve decided to stay at your current job, don’t just do the minimum and coast. You are not a man who is satisfied with mediocrity. You’re made to excel, so live that out at your job! 
If you’ve decided to seek new employment, are you going at it full force? Are you waiting for leads to land in your lap, or are you getting creative with your job hunt? Think outside the box when you consider who you can call or network with to gain some new opportunities. 

In the work that you do or the job that you seek, do you send a message that you are just interested in yourself and what you can get out of the work? That’s not very attractive to current or potential employers. Instead, emphasize what you can put into the job, what you can do for your employer, your clients and your customers. 

Get tenacious! Keep working at your absolute highest level. You’ll attract even better opportunities when you excel at the ones you’ve already been given. Keep learning, improving your skills, and building your knowledge, and you’ll become more valued in your work with each passing day. 
To Your Success, 
Bill McDonald
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